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....L'attente est longue, l'attente accule... :mrgreen:
Alors pour vous qui comme moi avez précommandé, en attendant un peu plus de concret de la part de Nexus, voici leur toute dernière news datée d'hier (en Anglais);
ça donne envie, 'y pas à dire...
Battles of Napoleon is not just one game, but rather a gaming system that enables you to recreate many important historical battles of this period. The Battles of Napoleon system is easy to learn and play. However, it is a system based on serious historical research.

This is not only a game that is challenging and quick playing, it is also a game whose players face the same tactical problems that commanders of the Napoleonic era had to face. Well-coordinated use of infantry, cavalry, and artillery, plus skillful maneuvering of your units, and understanding your troops strengths and weaknesses, are essential in leading your army to victory.

The Eagle and the Lion, the first game in the Battles of Napoleon series, provides everything you need to recreate many of the major clashes between the French and British armies - traditional enemies - on the battlefields of Belgium, Spain and Italy. Ten separate battles are featured, each of them based on a major historical campaign.

Contents of the box:
- 4 game boards, printed on both sides
- 200 plastic figures, including artillery pieces
- 150 plastic stands for the figures
- 120 cards (in three types: Event/Reaction cards, Unit cards, Commander cards)
- 2 ten-sided dice
- 20 order markers
- 150 counters
- two player reference cards
- one scenario booklet
- rulebook

Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and The Lion
Authors: Ugo Di Meglio & Sergio Guerri
Playing Age: 12+
Number of players: 2+
Playtime: 90 min+
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