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Encore des dépenses en perspective ... :mrgreen:
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16 ... 2nd-editio
les règles

New art & graphics for eight (instead of 4) dragons (incl. Sterling)
Re-written rules and new graphics in an expanded Rulebook
New graphics for card decks (all now contain a Dragon icon)
The "Winds of War" expansion
Provided various Stretch Goals are achieved (see below):
a) New artwork, graphics, placards and rules for Minions ($60K)
b) Three Dark Agent Dragon miniatures ($70K, $80K, and $90K)
c) Sterling--the 3-Headed Dragon, friend of the Realm ($100K)
d) Inn and Flame miniatures to replace tokens ($110K and $120K)
e) Hero miniatures, art, and placards ($135K and $150K)

The details: New Dragon Dark Agent miniatures (3 of them) from New Molds (these become available as add-ons--for $7 each--when the Stretch Goal levels of $70K, $80K and $90K are achieved). Sterling (the fourth new Dragon) is FREE if we can achieve a pledge level of $100K.
Emerald: Taller than most trees and angrier than a raging forest fire
Cinders: The huge-headed, pot-bellied fire breather
Drakus: The menacing, lethal loner
And introducing Sterling (FREE at the $100K Pledge Level): The Silver Dragon and Guardian of the Realm, this dragon may be called upon only in an adventurer's most dire time of need. He comes with a miniature, a placard, his own set of cards and rules describing his function in the game.
New Artwork
For all of the eight dragons that are (or will be at $100K) in the game
For two new Heroes (achieved as Stretch Goals at $135K and $150K)
For three new Minions (achieved as Stretch Goals at $60K)
For the Inns and Flames miniatures (at $110K and 120K)
New Graphics
For the Eight Dragon and Dark Agent placards (incl. Sterling at $100K)
For the Hero cards
For the Minion Cards
For a far better Rulebook--clearer, better organized, more art, FAQs
For many new cards
For the Winds of War expansion

The Winds of War Expansion adds an entirely new dynamic to any Defenders of the Realm game. There are 16 Winds of War cards that can be activated, each with their own unique effects.

Details: Whenever the players use three "Special" Hero cards, a Winds of War card is activated. Each Winds of War card provides the players with two options: An Action, and a Prevention.
The action will unleash a devastating effect upon the board. In the case of the "Burned Inns" card, the resulting action is "All the Inns Burn to the ground." However, the Prevention allows the players to collectively stop that action from occurring, but at a cost. In the case of the "Burned Inns" card, the prevention is to "Place 1 taint crystal in each Inn. The Inns remain open, but they are tainted by the Dark Lord."

This project, as to the Stretch Goals, is a work-in-progress. We need your Kickstarter support to make the decision to produce each of these stretch goals. We will provide artist drawings, and samples of sculpted figures, (and painted examples if we have any) and whatever else we may have as we get closer to achieving each of these Stretch Goals.

How do I add something onto my pledge?
You simply add the amount of money needed to purchase any of the add-ons below to your pledge! You can always change the amount of your pledge (while the KS project is active) by using the "Manage My Pledge" button.
Where or how do I indicate the specific item(s) I have added-on?
About 7-14 days after this KS project ends we will send you a survey and ask you to indicate exactly how to allocate your pledge between the base game and the add-ons offered here. You will work with our Pledge Manager, Ruth, until you both have all the details of your pledge and shipping worked out.
How much shipping do I add for Add-Ons?
It depends on too many factors to do a chart for, so we will ask you to send a Message (not a Comment please) to us and we will figure it out and let you know. In your Message please tell us what you want shipped and your "ship to" location.

tous mes voeux vous accompagnent !
JONAS7000 dit:Encore des dépenses en perspective ... :mrgreen:

Non, j'crois pas. Enfin, pas là en tous cas ! :wink:
C'est pas du texte en Anglais qu'il y a sur les cartes, c'est carrément des chapitres d'un roman !
C'est pas un jeu que tu pledges là, c'est la TONNE d'add-ons que tu pledges !
Si on fait la somme ça donne quoi ? 500$+ d'add-ons ? Je pense que l'on tient le champion de l'add-ons :mrgreen:
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