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God Vador
God Vador
A quoi sert le robot noir? merci
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le robot noir sert d'obstacle comme les autres robots... et il peut être amené sur le pion Vortex cosmic (tourbillon multicolore) s'il est tiré... sorte de joke en quelque sorte... d'après la traduction perso de ce que j'ai compris des règles en anglish...

Si qqn peut confirmer ???? Bien ludiquement, Rémy-lee
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De mémoire, c'est bien ça.
Le jeu est un peu plus facile quand on introduit le robot noir.
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Tric Trac
Tric Trac
c'est ça !
Il y a aussi quelque part , pret de 24 variantes d'utilisation du robot noir!
J'essaie de vous les retrouver ....
Ca y est , je les ai retrouvé .En fait , y en as 39 ! A l'époque on appelait ça le robot Argent, il a du ternir depuis . :)
donc les voila en anglais:
Translated by Erik Foltin

(It looks like this compilation contains all submitted variants: some of them seem to be redundant :-)

Unless noted otherwise, the silver robot is treated like an ordinary robot.

The silver robot may be used alternatively to reach the target. In this case the player is awarded only half a point (to indicate this, the collected chip is placed face down when the target is reached by the silver robot).

If an ordinary robot hits the silver robot, then this robot, on its next move, even if other robots have been moved in the meantime, passes through one obstacle (wall and robot only, but not the edges or the center). If there are two consecutive obstacles in the line of movement (i. e. a robot standing at a wall) the robot stops as usual.

The silver robot moves only diagonally. The move through each space is affected by three spaces: the space it passes through directly and the two spaces it crosses diagonally. The silver robot stops if a robot is located on any of those spaces. It also stops if there is a wall at any of the four borders between thoses spaces.

At any time the silver robot may exchange place with any other robot. This exchange counts as one move, if both robots are located at the edge of the board. If only one is located at the edge, it counts as two; and as three moves if none of the robots is located at the edge.

The silver robot moves for free.

If the silver robot hits another robot, then this robot is moved one space in the direction of movement, if possible. The silver robot stops at the space the other robot was located on.

The silver robot moves only one space.

8. Teleporting:
The silver robot may change its place with any other robot. This counts as two moves.

9. The Magnet:
The silver robot will carry with it robots on adjoining spaces, unless they are "shielded" by a wall. If those captured robots hit an obstacle during the move they will stop immediately, the silver robot continues its move. The movement of captured robots does not count as additional move.

10. Pac-Macing:
The silver robot may cross the edge and re-enter the board on the opposing space. This is an alternative ability (the silver robot may also stop at the edge) and counts as an additional move.

11. Silver robby is fond of children:
Younger player may also move the silver robot to the target.

12. The stuttering Robby:
The silver robot may stop anaywhere during its move, but may not move again thereafter in this round.

13. The hasty Robby:
The silver robot starts each round at the target space.

14. The crazy Robby:
After each move of any robot, the silver robot moves immediately. If there are several possible directions of movement, the robot turns clock-wise. This "automatic" moves of the silver robot do not count toward the total number of moves. It is also allowed to move the silver robot directly. After this move, however, the silver robot also performs the automatic move.

15. The lazy Robby:
The silver robot moves like the king in chess. It may not jump over obstacles, but pass them diagonally.

After the silver robot has been stopped, it turns on a "power field". This "power field" usally affects all 4 orthogonal spaces, but is shielded by a wall. Other robots located on those spaces are pushed away one space, if possible. Other robots may not enter the "power field". They either stop two spaces away if moved directly toward the silver robot or are pushed away one space if the moving lane of the robot crosses the "power field".

The silver robot may stop half-way through its starting location and the obstacle.

The silver robot moves only one space per move.

19. Beam me up, Scotty!
Once per round the silver robot may be "beamed" to any space to serve as an obstacle.

Once per round the silver robot may brake anytime during its move to serve as an obstacle.

21. Der Ersatzmann:
The target space may be reached by the silver robot alternatively.

The silver robot does not move like other robots. It is affected by walls and other robots, but can only move 1 step at a time, either horizontally or vertically (insteadof going against the next wall/robot). Also, it is not reset to its position like the other robots when a point is scored.

Whenever you move a robot, the silver robot takes the same move (that is, if for example you move the green robot down, the silver robot alsomoves down). This counts as one move. You can also move the silver robot separately.

24. The escapist:
The silver robot may pass through the edges of the board and re-enter the board at the opposing space. It continues its move until it hits the next obstacle.

25. Transverse runner:
The silver robot moves only diagonally. A wall along the moving line is considered an obstacle, if it touches a "cross point" the robot intends to jump over.

26. Flexible impact:
If the silver robot hits an obstacle, it bounces back one space. This does not apply, if the robot moves just one space. If another robot hits the silver robot, the following variants could be used:
a) the silver robot is a usual obstacle, nothing special happens
b) the silver robot gets pushed one space. If this is not possible then the other robot bounces back one space.

The silver robot may not be moved by the active player. Instead, the opponents may perform one move of the silver robot after any move of the active player to disturb him. The privilege of moving the silver robot moves clock-wise.

28. The economic Robby:
The active player may move the silver robot as often as he wants, a maximum of three counts toward the total number of movements. The silver robot, however, may only ricochet right.

The silver robot may also move diagonally. Only if both sides of the next space along the line of movement are shielded by a wall, its movement ends. I. e. if the walls look like "|_", the robot is not able to enter this space diagonally from the space at the lower left.

30. For "Professionals":
The silver robot establishes a "power field" at the four orthogonal spaces around it. Each robot passing through this power field is pushed away one space from the silver robot (unless hindered to do so by another obstacle).

Once per round the silver robot may establish a "power field" at all eight neighbouring spaces. All of those spaces now constitute an obstacle for other robots. The silver robot may not move with the "power field" switched on. Before the start of a game, the players decide on the properties of the power field:
a) the "power field" remains active until the target is reached -OR-
b) the "power field" may be turned off (and remains off for the remainder of the round) -AND-
c) the "power field" passes through walls -OR-
d) the "power field" is shielded by walls.

32. The merciful robbi:
After the first chip has been collected, at the beginning of each round, the silver robot is placed on the original location of the former target robot. From now on, the player(s) with the fewest chip are allowed to move the silver robot. (Alternatively they may also be allowed to move the silver robot to the target space).

Both the silver and the target robot have to reach the target space (in no particular order).

To increase the difficulty, the target robot is required to ricochet off at the silver robot at least once during a round.

Same as variant 34. The difference is, that at the end of each round all robots except the silver robot return to their original location.

36. Jokerbot
The silver robot may be moved to the target alternatively. The solution with the "right" target robot takes precedence, if the number of moves is the same, even if announced later.

37. Roboscooter
Once per move the robot may pass through a wall (but not through the middle or the edges). This is an alternative ability, the robot may also stop there as usual. It must stop, if the space behind the wall is occupied by another robot. If the silver robot hits another robot, the other robot is pushed one space and the silver robot takes its place. If it is not possible to push, the other robot is destroyed and re-appears in the "cosmic vortex". If the "cosmic vortex" is the target location or the "cosmic vortex" is occupied by another robot, then the robot re-appears at an empty target space of its color (choice of the active player).

This variant can be played with only exactly four players. Every player is assigned a robot. Each player tries to move his robot to the target location. Each player may only move his robot and the silver robot (but other robots can be used as obstacle). May also be played with three players, the fourth robot may then also be moved by all players. To avoid downtime, time should be limited to 1-2 minutes/round. The first player to successfully demonstrate a valid solution (regardless of number of moves) takes the chip.

The silver robot may push other robots up to three spaces (exact number chosen by the active player). The other robot stops at obstacles as usual. The silver robot takes over the place of the other robot. It may stop there or ricochet.
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Grand merci Drax pour tes recherches !!!! de çà va me permettre de me remettre à fond dans Rasende :D et dans l'anglais....:?

et maintenant s'il y a une âme charitébeule for make ze traduction in freinecheu....??? biscotte I'm trop naze in the langue of J'expire....!!!! :roll:
Allez, sioux plaît....???

Bien ludiquement, Rémy-lee
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Rémy-lee dit:Grand merci Drax pour tes recherches !!!! de çà va me permettre de me remettre à fond dans Rasende :D et dans l'anglais....:?

Viens nous rejoindre sur Ricochetrobot.com : Un probleme par jour , 300 inscrit dans le monde , et un classement suivant le temps qu'on a mis a trouvé ses solutions! Ca prend 2 mn par jour et ça entretient le neurone !
(Notre division c'est le Game Gang: une vingtaine de toulousain qui ricochent sur les murs tous les jours)
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mais le pire est que je me suis inscrit je crois...

Bien ludiquement, Rémy-lee
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Rémy-lee dit:mais le pire est que je me suis inscrit je crois...
Bien ludiquement, Rémy-lee

ha oui et c'est quoi ton pseudo ? Et tu joue souvent ?
Y a d'autres trictraciens ? On pourrais se faire une division ?
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mon pseudo est très recherché : Remy-lee :wink: et je me suis inscrit il y a deux jours suite à l'énigme de Véracity Bull... que j'ai trouvé très bonne !!!

je t'ai envoyé un mp pour que tu m'expliques tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur le site, vu que tu y es inscrit depuis un moment j'imagine...

Bien ludiquement, Rémy-lee.

PS : çà serait une bonne idée de faire une team TTcienne !!!
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