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Euphrat & Tigris: Die Zikkurat is an expansion/variant for Tigris & Euphrates that first appeared in the June 2009 (3/09) issue of Spielbox magazine. Shaped like a cross, the ziggurat is a special monument that extends across five spaces of the board. The monument can be built if a player has a cross of five civilization tokens of the same color. Discard those five tokens and replace them using the ziggurat markers.

Place a ziggurat tower upon the middle tile. (Note, the tower is not part of this extension. Please use any other meeple from any other game.) The five ziggurat markers cannot be destroyed. All Tigris & Euphrates rules regarding monuments apply to the ziggurat monument as well. If your king is inside the kingdom of the ziggurat, you get one victory point in a color of your choice at the end of your turn.

Starting with the 2008 edition of Tigris & Euphrates from Mayfair Games, the ziggurat has been included in the base game, along with a double-sided game board.

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2009
De Reiner Knizia
Édité par Pegasus Spiele et W. Nostheide Verlag GmbH

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Jahrgang 2009
Autoren Reiner Knizia
Illustratoren ~
Éditeurs Pegasus Spiele , W. Nostheide Verlag GmbH
Vertriebe ~
Sammlung ~
Barcode ~
Anleitung auf Deutsch, Englisch
Prix public conseillé ~

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