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edition 2017
Par Tido Lorenz et Uwe Rosenberg
Illustré par Dennis Lohausen
Édité par Z-Man Games et Feuerland Spiele

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Langues des règles : Deutsch, Englisch

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 Description du jeu

Fill your cup and get to work with the Tea & Trade expansion for Fields of Arle. Tea is the national beverage of East Frisia, and this expansion lets you use it to improve the actions your workers can take. With a strong cup of black tea in their bellies, they can act as if their tools are farther up the tool track or take an action twice. On top of tea, this expansion adds a whole bevy of new options for you to improve your farm. Dig ditches to dehydrate your land, cultivate your fields, and raise your sheep or choose from a number of new buildings that can help maximize your yields. Tea & Trade gives you everything you need to become a true farming magnate of 19th-century Arle!


Jahrgang 2017
Autoren Tido Lorenz , Uwe Rosenberg
Illustratoren Dennis Lohausen
Éditeurs Z-Man Games , Feuerland Spiele
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Anleitung auf Deutsch, Englisch
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