Fishy Tactics
2 à 4 joueurs
Anzahl Spieler
4 ans et +
10 min
Temps de partie
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Description complète

Take gaming to a whole new scale with Fishy Tactics - you'll be hooked!
An easy to learn, quick to play, 2-4 player board game of fish, fun and tactics for ages 4+.
"This lake ain't big enough for the 2-4 of us!" Quarrelling fishermen try to outmanoeuvre each other to catch the best fish for their tea. Some fish are more valuable than others, but will your line reach? Or will someone swipe your prized whopper from your haul? Oh and watch out for the crocodile!
Players take it in turns to 1) spin the spinner and move the crocodile one space along the grid and remove any fish it lands on from the game and then 2) roll the fisher's die (regular d6) and move any one fish on the grid x number of squares toward them. If the fish reaches your basket it's yours!
Rolled a 6? Instead of moving a fish, select a player and steal blind one fish from their haul.
Play finishes when the last fish leaves the lake - and the player with the most points of fish in their boat at the end of the game wins!

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2016
Par Toby Fairclough
Illustré par Toby Fairclough
Édité par Mushroom Gaming Co

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Jahrgang 2016
Autoren Toby Fairclough
Illustratoren Toby Fairclough
Éditeurs Mushroom Gaming Co
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Anleitung auf Englisch, Französisch
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