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Separate the Tree Deck from the Jack Deck and place them face down in the center fo the table. Deal each player three cards from the Jack Deck face down. The player with the most facial hair goes first (or you can roll for who starts).
Playing the Game
Draw a Tree Card (if you don't have one) and place it face up in front of you.
Draw a card from the Jack Deck.
Play a card from your hand.
Roll your chopping roll (if you can).
Mark your tree with a chop token for each successful chop.
Play continues to the left.
Chopping Roll

If you have an Axe or Long Saw & Partner card in play you make roll the appropriate number of dice for your chopping roll. Dice may be added or reduced by Plus/Minus cards.
 One or two: counts toward a break
 Three: the axe misses completely
 Four, five or six: the axe makes a chop
If 3 dice show breaks (ones or twos) in any one chopping roll your axe breaks and is discarded. Apprentice rolls are separate and do not contribute to an axe break.
Place a chop token on your tree card for each successful chop (4, 5, or 6).
If you do not have an Axe or Long Saw & Partner card in play you cannot roll a chopping roll and play moves to the next player on your left.

When you have reached or exceeded the required number of chops for your tree, maked in the axe blade at the bottom of the card, place it face up in your cut pile.
You have now earned the points for that tree maked in the tree symbol at the bottom of the card. Points should be visible to all players.
Winning the Game

The first player to have 21 points worth of trees in their cut pile wins the game.


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