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edition 2016
Par Bevan Clatworthy
Illustré par Tyler Johnson
Édité par Tinkerbot Games


Langues des règles : Englisch

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 Description du jeu

Ghostel is a semi-cooperative family game for 2-4 players that plays in 60 minutes.

Prey on the phobias of guests by turning into their worst nightmares. Work with other ghosts to combine forces, and scare away the hardiest of hotel patrons to earn upgrades and get even scarier!

The randomised guest and dice roll mechanic means each round is different from the next, but there’s more than luck to winning the game.


Jahrgang 2016
Autoren Bevan Clatworthy
Illustratoren Tyler Johnson
Éditeurs Tinkerbot Games
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Barcode 63415862508
Anleitung auf Englisch
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