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edition 2009
Par Piergennaro Federico
Illustré par Edo Tugnolo
Édité par Europa Simulazioni
Distribué par Europa Simulazioni


Langues des règles : Englisch

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Description du jeu

Guelphs and Ghibellines simulates the traditional clashes between 13th century armies with an original system which is both simple and accurate, allowing to reproduce typical tactics of the battle of the era, and focusing on progressive combat fatigue and loss of cohesion of formations on the battlefield.

Cavalry remains the Queen of the battlefield, but the Italian communal infantry (the best in its period) manages to have a sound impact on the outcome of the fight.

The Battles :

Montaperti 1260: The Arbia colored in red
Benevento 1266: The twilight of the Hohenstaufen
Campaldino 1289: The Saturday of St. Barnaba
All the main protagonists of the battles and all the different types of troops are considered, included cavalry with various level of armour protection, infantry, archers, crossbowmen, palvesari, the Comunal Carroccio, etc.


Two 22"x34" maps of the battlefields
160 LARGE 5/8" die-cut counters
120 1/2" die-cut counters
Standard rules and Instruction for the 3 historical battles, 3 alternative set-ups, 1 "fast-and-furious" scenarios
Charts, tables

Game play
joueurs à partir de 12 ans 240 min
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