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The abductor has hijacked a bus full of people and is making a run for the border. You'll be forced to employ tactics you've never used before and deal with the challenges of negotiating in different locations. Are you up to the challenge? Innocent lives are depending on you.

In this exciting new Abductor Pack you will have to deal with a new card type: Location Cards! The abductor's bus will need to be stopped and the all new Tactics Cards are just the things you'll need to set up a road block or creat a diversion. Its high speed negotiation just waiting for you!

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2015
De A. J. Porfirio
Édité par Van Ryder Games

In der Datenbank seit 21.01.2017


Jahrgang 2015
Autoren A. J. Porfirio
Illustratoren ~
Éditeurs Van Ryder Games
Vertriebe Philibert
Sammlung ~
Barcode 602003999406
Anleitung auf Englisch
Prix public conseillé ~

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