Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa

Édition 2016
Par Klaus Zoch
Illustré par Franz Vohwinkel
Édité par Zoch Verlag
2 à 4 joueurs
Anzahl Spieler
14 ans et +
90 min
Temps de partie
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When your soul arrives at the Pearly Gates, you will have to account for your sins. It seems Letters of Indulgence are your only hope.

Engage your contacts in the marketplace and the House of Pleasure.
Profit from the Pope's and Emperor's largess.
Donate your wealth to the construction of a magnificent cathedral, for only thus will your sins be forgiven.

Mea Culpa is for those who feel they should be able to enjoy all the pleasures of this world without having to give up their place in the next.

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