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edition 2015
Édité par A-Games


Langues des règles : Deutsch, Englisch, Ungarisch

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 Description du jeu

You’ve been invited to an awesome piñata party! Ready! Steady! Hit them as hard as you can!

The candies are dropping from the Piñata like flies. Hurry! Don't miss any of these delicious candies with flavors such as green apple and crispy cherry. Who can collect the most candies?

In Piñata Party, the players try to collect as many candies as they can from the board. On your turn, you must make two moves before picking up two or more candies. In every game there is different movement that can be used for collecting the sweets. Also included are several ways of scoring the game. The player that collects the most valuable delicious candy wins!

The game provides additional challenges in the shape of new, more difficult movement and scoring cards. Tactics are vital to avoid others looting your desired sweets. The easier combinations provide a sweet challenge for families, while the more difficult are ideal for experienced players too. Includes a special card for use when playing with smaller children.


Jahrgang 2015
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Éditeurs A-Games
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Barcode 5999556750901
Anleitung auf Deutsch, Englisch, Ungarisch
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