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Cube Quest is a dexterity game in which lightweight hollow cubic dice are flicked across custom rubber mats. Cubes that leave the mats are defeated. Play alternates until someone wins by defeating the enemy king. Cubes also risk defeat in enemy territory; if they land "shadow" side up, they have been captured and must be rolled, like dice, to determine whether they escape.

The cubes have different strengths and special abilities, such as taking extra flicks, immobilizing enemy cubes, reviving lost cubes, and hiding before strategic re-positioning.

The game allows for custom army building using a simple point system. Pre-battle setup involves a tactical selection of cubes worth a total of 40 points maximum to fight alongside their king. Each player also chooses how to position their cubes, creating individual attack and defense formations and structures!

Auteurs et éditions

edition 2015
Par Olivier Sibthorpe et Gary Sibthorpe
Illustré par Jonhatan Kirtz
Édité par Kosmos

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Jahrgang 2015
Autoren Olivier Sibthorpe , Gary Sibthorpe
Illustratoren Jonhatan Kirtz
Éditeurs Kosmos
Vertriebe Kosmos
Sammlung ~
Barcode 4002051697631
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Cube Quest / Rumms
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