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edition 2016
Par A. J. Porfirio et Evan Derrick
Illustré par Agnieszka Dabrowiecka
Édité par Van Ryder Games


Langues des règles : Englisch

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Description du jeu

Saloon Tycoon - The good, the bad, and the guest rooms.

I’ve talked about some « city building » games recently : Between Two Cities from Stonemaier and Quadropolis from Days of Wonder, which are all about building the biggest and or most ergonomic cities you can. Whereas this next game may not be as grandiose as the previous two contestants, nor the same scope technically, it is the only one to tackle the idea in 3D… even if we’re only talking about one building and not a whole metropolis.Saloon Tycoon is a pseudo city builder for two to four players...

Game play
2 à 4 players à partir de 12 ans 60 min
Anleitung auf : Englisch
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