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[KS - En cours] Skull Tales - Full Sails
Neuster Beitrag almacope
am 01.06.2018, 09:27
[KS mai] Skull Tales, Pirates adventures
Neuster Beitrag corwin147
am 16.12.2016, 23:49
[KS] Skull tales (figs inside)
Neuster Beitrag Motorhead
am 08.05.2015, 22:44


Yo ho ho! Skull Tales is an adventure game in which each player performs the role of a pirate character in order to fulfill any pirates' dream: to become the ship's Master and to reach the most precious booty.

Pirates will have to fight against any kinds of fantastic enemies, by solving mysteries, by sailing the Caribbean Sea and exploring islands... all aimed to conquer the highest score in prestige points (PP) and, of course, to reach the long awaited dream of becoming the Master. How is that? Each character will use different abilities to solve mysteries in each scenario or island (by means of modular boards) to fulfill secondary missions; they will roll dice and play cards in order to move, fight enemies or sail depending of how many PP they still have left. All in a cooperative way to escape alive from all this because dead men tell no tales...


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