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edition 2014
Par Takahiro et Sayaka - 清香
Édité par Japon Brand et Kogekogedo


Langues des règles : Japanisch

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Description du jeu

小さな魔女とふしぎなお家, or The Little Witches and the Mysterious House uses a string to connect the witch to its spiritus. The white outlines of the spaces on the game board show circles, triangles, and squares; each of those shapes has three colors inside it. To complete a magical circle, the teacher tries to place exactly six footprints on the six identical shapes that have a particular color. The teacher cannot place a footprint where a student is standing. Students may move (only one end of the string), pick up ingredients, or flip footprints. Teachers are trying to complete circles. Students are trying to earn group points by disrupting the teacher's plans.

Game play
2 à 5 players à partir de 9 ans 75 min
Anleitung auf : Japanisch
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