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edition 2017
Par Thomas Spitzer
Illustré par Harald Lieske
Édité par Capstone Boardgame


Langues des règles : Englisch

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 Description du jeu

The second title in Thomas Spitzer's historic Coal Trilogy, The Ruhr transports players to a time in the 18th century when coal was in high demand as cities and factories around the world were in dire need of this coveted resource. You have an ambitious goal of making handsome profits by delivering and selling coal along The Ruhr. However, navigating The Ruhr is a challenge due to the many obstacles along the way. To overcome the obstacles, you will need to build locks, making the river more navigable. Warehouses will need to be built to secure your position as the preferred storage location in the cities throughout the region. The export market provides lucrative profits to dealers selling coal to neighboring countries. There are many paths to take; however it is up to you to plan your route to victory along The Ruhr!
The Ohio: 1811 - 1861 features the Ohio River during a time when Ohio was granted statehood and became heavily populated as its industries flourished. The Ohio is played in a manner similar to The Ruhr, but with new and additional game elements.


Jahrgang 2017
Autoren Thomas Spitzer
Illustratoren Harald Lieske
Éditeurs Capstone Boardgame
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The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade
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The Ruhr: A Story of Coal Trade
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