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edition 2013
Par Takahiro et Sayaka - 清香
Illustré par Mushi - むし
Édité par Japon Brand et Kogekogedo


Langues des règles : Japanisch

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Description du jeu

Witch's Coming! is a game about a Halloween night in which one player plays the Witch team and the other the villager team. The witches mingle with the children in costumes, enter the villager's houses, and cast curses. If all three witches manage to get into the villagers' houses before sunrise, the witch wins; if the villagers manage to stop that, the villagers win. To do this, the villager player needs to get all three children into the villagers' houses or chase away the witches until the sun rises.
The witch player and the villager player take alternating turns, starting with the witch. Once they've each taken a turn, they check whether someone has won, and if not, the game continues with the witch taking her turn first.

Game play
joueurs à partir de 10 ans 15 min
Anleitung auf : Japanisch
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